First floor easy access location.

Convenient location with safe environment.  For easy access, offices are located on the first floor.  Aside from cleaning and disinfecting the office after every patient, for everyone’s safety,  face masks are required while in our office.  We are limiting entry to only the patient who needs to see the doctor.  However, if you feel you need to accompany the patient during the office visit, please let us know ahead of time so we could put in place the necessary social distancing safety measures on the day of the appointment.  Thank you.

5 thoughts on “First floor easy access location.”

  1. Dr. Capistrano is a Miracle Worker.
    After having cataract surgery yesterday I went to my day after appointment and said everything was perfect except I had a bruise above my eye on my forehead. She walked out and came back and wiped my forehead and it was gone. Turns out it was where she marked an X to denote which eye 👁 was to have the surgery. 😆😀😁👀😳
    Seriously she’s terrific!!!

  2. I’ve been going to Dr. Capistrano for many years! She is always so helpful and always takes time with me during my appointments. Very caring doctor would recommend her to anyone! Excellent doctor has done several procedures on my eye and I still have great vision. Thank you doctor Capistrano.

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